weekend layover in saint pete.

after our big day at legoland, we spent saturday morning packing up and cleaning and getting ready to head down the road to st. pete for the weekend. this leg of our trip was the only part that wasn’t mapped out in advance. we were hoping to get into fort de soto campground, but they had booked all of their “pre-booked” spots. they save 10% of their spots for people to get the week of. so, on friday, before we went to legoland, derek hopped online, but the best we could get was monday through friday. thankfully, my stepdad’s sister’s family lives in st. pete and they happen to have an rv that they happened to be driving out of town. so, we had a spot we could park for a few days while we waited to get into fort de soto. (it was also nice to hang inside the house a bit. there’s a fellow two year old in the house, so hazel was glad to give her toys a spin.)

on the first night, we drove out to my dad’s girlfriend’s place for a cookout. i didn’t manage to take any pics, of course.

the next morning, we desperately needed some breakfast and had NO food in our camper, so we drove around for some delicious food and happened upon a little place called “rae rae’s”…. there was a wait, but it seemed worth it. we took our crew outside to wait. for the sake of everyone.

the wait paid off. the food was SOOOO GOOOOD. seriously. derek, who is very literal, declared it the best breakfast of his life. seriously. i want to go back.

we had a lazy day after that. derek worked on the mystery leak in our camper for a bit. i gave the girls a bath in a real tub. and did a load of laundry. we took a ride over to my uncle nick’s place to see him and his lovely girlfriend, joyce. it was kind of sad, with my grams and gramps both gone. while we were there, my dad texted that he was just hanging at his girlfriend’s house near indian rocks beach, if we wanted to come out and hit the beach. so, we did just that.


we found lots of good nature specimens. a giant sponge.

an even gianter clam.

then we settled in for the sunset.







not too shabby.

sooooo… that’s it for our stay in saint pete.
we headed off to fort de soto park the next day and here i am.

stay tuned for waaaaay too many beach posts… 🙂

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