the anna baby is SIX!!

well, the anna baby is six now.
i suppose we should stop calling her a baby.


anyhow, her birthday festivities were much more chill than last year. (hint: princess anna and elsa came). we had hoped to have a little park play day and birthday cake for all of her friends and some of ikes, but it was supposed to be super rainy and we had no backup plan. (and then, it wasn’t actually rainy, but we had already cancelled). anyhow, we moved the party to derek’s mom’s and let her invite her three closest pals. she chose kaylin, shira, and nina.

hazel decided she should dress like anna in “princess dress”…

sister birthday hugs.

the friends (and cousins) came and played. gramma led them in a variety of kid games.

caison was super helpful with the smaller kids. 🙂

the best thing to do with a gym class parachute.

anna’s ginormous costco cake. serves 48. ha.

happy face.

candle blower outer.

everyone got extra large slices, and we still had half a cake leftover. oh, costco.

hazel eats with reckless abandon.

the party was actually a week early. we knew derek’s parents would be out of town for a long stretch and that we would be leaving at some point during the stretch or shortly after, so we thought we would celebrate while they were available.

on her actual bday, we were in charlotte. and i snapped this cutie pic outside of our hotel of the brand new six year old.

we went to the mall, to the disney store and the lego store so she could pick out a gift. and, surprise, surprise. she chose a princess dress. for the fourth year in a row. (3 – rapunzel, 4 – anna and elsa, 5 – elsa coronation dress, and this – anna’s frozen fever dress).

and finally, we got her a cookie cake. she has been telling me for months that she wants a cookie cake and not a regular cake. so, in the mall food court, her wildest dreams came true!!

now a bit about our six year old anna.
she’s still a tiny little pip of a kiddo. she and hazel can even share some clothes. she loves to dance and sing, but only if no one is watching or listening. she is a very good reader and loves to do it. she has also started writing the cutest little stories. i have to sneak through her stuff to find them though, because i am NOT allowed to see them. she’s a very sweet big sister to hazel, but she and isaac do not get along amiably. she’s a fantastic bike rider. and so so stubborn, mostly in the good “i’m not giving up” kind of way. she’s super snuggly and sweet and remembers all sorts of details about the things i tell her from my childhood or about my family or just in general. anyhow, she’s a delightful tiny person. except when she’s not. then, look out.

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