the big four oh.

while we were in nc with family, we celebrated halloween, my birthday, thanksgiving, hazel’s birthday and christmas.
we crammed a lot in.

this post is about my birthday.
my 40th birthday to be exact.

i celebrated a night early with the family.



on my actual bday, i went out to the porch (my fave) with my usual gang. where i attempted to order something different, but ended up with tostadas teddy like i always do.

my old mom friends are goons.

they all conspired to give me a gift of cold hard cash. i was gangster.

after dinner, a few of us went back to heather’s to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning.

over the hill decor.

i even partook in a few grownup beverages.

the next morning, i had to turnover my black balloons to our local balloon enthusiast.

a few days later, derek and i went to charlotte for two nights, and since it was so close to my birthday, i deemed it my birthday getaway.
firstly (after an ikea trip), we ate at a japanese steakout, which we would never do with kids who don’t eat anything.

then, the next day, we did a bit of shopping at the outlets. thanks to facebook, i knew that my friend julie, from batavia, was in town visiting her sister, so we were able to meet for a quick lunch with them, which was a nice little surprise.

for our next delicious meal, we went to a chinese buffet that wasn’t super good, but had great sushi. except i hate sushi. so this is a picture of derek’s pretty sushi.

lastly. remember that little bit about hitting up ikea when we first got to town. fun story. we bought some stuff for our camper. and then, on a whim, decided to replace our camper couch. we measured and remeasured and contemplated and recontemplated and settled on pretty much the only option available. then, we got outside, only to realize that there was no way that sucker would fit in our car. so, we had to return it. and then derek’s dad drove down to meet us and carry it back for us. so, we got to go to ikea twice in one weekend. lucky us!

anyhow, that’s the tale of all of my birthday festivities, both real and imagined.
i am feeling a little old now that i’m 40. i might as well pack it in now.

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