goblin valley state park.

between salt lake city and moab, we found ourselves camping on a bit of BLM land mostly in the middle of nowhere. the closest thing for us to do (unless you count gas stations) was goblin valley state park. so, on sunday, we picked up subway lunches (from said gas station) and made our way to the park.

out of nowhere, this crazy little valley pops up.

the goblins are these eroded, knobby rock formation that are scattered all through the park.

selfie with isaac.

hazel loved all the little nooks and crannies she could stuff herself into. she would disappear in a crevice and then pop out on the other side with a big grin.

these two obviously enjoyed the challenge of scaling all of the goblins.

it was so cool. i couldn’t stop taking pictures.

hazel took this picture of me. 🙂

she also insisted on us taking her picture every single time she climbed something. (we eventually began to pretend to take a picture, but she was soon on to us, noting how quickly we were able to take the picture.)


nook sisters.


queen of the goblins.

anna trying to get down. derek coaxing/assisting. isaac exploring. hazel contemplating her next move.

where’s waldo. er, anna.

goblin nap.

goblin window.

anna at the top of a double goblin.

the view from the top of the double goblin.

more scenery. i can’t help myself. i regret nothing.

derek, the spotter.

goblin hopping.

tiny crazelnut.

girls in a crevice.

family pic.

peekaboo ike.

theannababy in her happy place.

“take a picture of meeeeee!!”

hazel loved this place the most. i think she would live there if she could.

one last parting family picture.

we had a great time. all three kids LOVED it. on the way out, we stopped at the visitor center, where we learned there was a ranger badge to be gotten. so we picked up the book for anna (the only kid interested) and she made quick work of it in the backseat (with slight drama occasionally). she collected her flair, and we hit the road.

so this place isn’t really near much, but if you ever find yourselves in the general vicinity of green river, utah, it’s definitely one of our favorite stops so far, and we give it 10 thumbs up.

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  1. Great pics!

  2. Are TPS reports required for every piece of flair?

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