disney detox at fort de soto.

after our time with all of the millions of people and music and chaos and bright lights of disney, we were more than ready for a little detox. after a weekend moochdocking with my stepdad’s sister, karyn, and her family, we made our way to peaceful, tranquil fort de soto.

originally, we only had a few days booked and our friends, jenn and brandy, planned to meet us. but, they had to bail and passed their week long reservation on to us, so we settled in for a lovely week, with a lovely view, in one of our favorite spots.

our campground was on the water side this time, with a pretty great climbing tree in our little tropical nook, which may or may not have resulted in lots of blood and bruises for one particular climber.

our campsite was great and all. but the real reason we love fort de soto is the pretty aqua beaches and white sands. the water is a bit chilly this time of year, but that doesn’t stop the lidkids from venturing in. we also took anna’s snorkeling gear out for a test run before an epic adventure the following week…

i pretty much just chilled in the aforementioned white sands. i churned through some books, and the lidkids just frolicked around me, playing various made up food network games, and building tunnels and drip castles.

some beach portraits. anna, hazel, and random sea bird that was hanging out with a nearby fisherman, hoping for a free meal.

on our last night, we had a little cookout at our site and invited my dad, his girlfriend, and my cousin and her family. the tiny kiddos had a great time and it was a lovely evening of catching up before our departure in the morning. and we obviously had to take a pic of hazel and my cousin’s kiddo trent for a side by side comparison from a few years ago. they are only a few weeks apart and age and its pretty cute to see them interact.

finally, our week of disney recovery came to an end. we packed things up and headed across the skyway bridge to our next campground… in the florida keys!!!

until next time, fort de soto…

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  1. You Florida residents are really soaking in the sunshine. Looks like fun.

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