a very brief st. pete weekend.

well. this post is way out of place. i’ll probably adjust the timestamp on it eventually, so it lines up properly in my archives. but, when i was getting ready to recap february miscellaneousness, i realized i never posted about our weekend in st. pete before we went to fort de soto. so, here goes…

after our epic disney trip, our next stop was st. pete, where we were moochdocking with my step dad’s sister’s family. (she jokes that she’s my aunt, but she’s like my age). since derek had to work that day, he lagged behind in orlando in a parking lot for a bit, while we killed the day at the great explorations childrens museum in st. pete. it’s free with our science museum passport, so even though we had been there before, it was a decent place to spend the afternoon.

after we were settled in with karyn and fam, i was able to get in touch with my dad to meet him out with his girlfriend for dinner. he suggested a little hole in the wall bar, and it was fantastic. the food was so good. and the portions were gigantic. and it was cheap. and best of all, they had keto friendly substitutions.

at karyn’s house, my girl’s had a blast playing with skylar, who is the same age as hazel, and the doggos. and ike obviously enjoyed hanging with michael, mostly because fortnite. i also took advantage of karyn’s giant kitchen to make some ketofied chicken tenders for the adults. (i’m trying to talk karyn into keto. mwah haha). they were pretty good, and i will be adding them to our menu, even though they are time consuming, messy and not exactly rv friendly.

anyhow. we were only at karyn’s for a quick couple of days, but it was fun to catch up and hang with her family for a bit. also, when we ripped the tail pipe off of the bottom of the rv, her husband marty used some of his race car guy tools to weld it back together. so. win win win.

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