last days in sc. and on the road.

now it’s time for that random post that i make every now and then to catch up on the less adventurous parts of our travels. only this one is much more bittersweet. because it’s the last time we would be on the road in our rv. and the memories are of a time of stress and frustration, but now looking back, i regret not giving it another go. and another. and another.

anyhooo. our non-savannah, non-charleston time in south carolina was filled with some board games, art and general hanging out.

anna continues to be a perfect candidate for unschooling, writing up these informational pamphlets about marine life…

at this point (in life), i was attempting to do a bit of exercising, since we haven’t really been hiking and i had finally lost all of the weight i gained while we were home over christmas. it’s laughable now, because i’ve gained it all back and more, but anyways, here’s a view of the creepy lake i would see on my walks at the campground

we did go on one extra little field trip while in sc. in nearby beaufort, we learned of a kazoo factory that gave tours, so we thought we should probably check it out. it was interesting and fun and we all got to make our own kazoo to take home with us. it should come as no surprise to you then, that i was pulled over and ticketed for speeding on the way home. seems like a trio of kazoos in the backseat should have helped my cause but it didn’t.

other stuff that happened. we found a frog in the laundry room. and a toad outside the laundry room. or vice versa. or two frogs. or two toads. i don’t have any idea. except that they were two different living creatures.

and the girls and i hit up the local frozen yogurt place. that was in a gas station. and was really stupid expensive. and didn’t have many options. but. it made a good escape from the rv, at a time when we needed it. i don’t remember why now, but i remember it being an escape.

and then. like that. our time was up. both in south carolina and on the road. and we made our way home. i think we maybe we stayed in rock hill for a night, as evidenced by this breakfast at dunkin donuts pic.


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