GSO science center with BFF.

hazel has been requesting a playdate with her best pal from co-op (lochlyn) for forever. the plague of winter break prevented her mom and i from pulling it together, but finally we were able to squeeze in a day at the greensboro science center together.

the skies looked ominous, so we opted to do as much outside stuff as possible, just in case it started raining. there’s lots of fun creatures, milling about the premises.

after walking allllll the way over to see the new tiger exhibit, we learned that the tigers weren’t there yet. sigh. we decided to move inside and check out the aquarium and such.

we spent a good amount of time in the younger childrens play area. you know. since hazel and lochlyn are younger children. sorry anna. at least there’s this cool hammerhead shark photo booth?

i have absolutely no idea what was in this exhibit, but we thought the fun tunnel underneath, with a little clear dome at the end to peer out of was fun. too bad there was nothing to peer at.

i spent a lot of time watching (and feeling really bad for) the penguins. i always feel sad in zoos and places like this.

we spent a LOT of time at the stingray touch pool. hazel was working up her nerve to touch them but they didn’t come to the side close enough to her very often. and when they did, she chickened out. we left with her in tears, wanting to touch sea life but also not wanting to actually touch sea life. the other two poked away happily.

the aquarium was just like any aquarium you might imagine. seperate tanks for some creatures. one big tank for those that can mostly get along. we wandered about for a bit. before suddenly a message blasted across the loudspeakers that the museum was closing, which was a first for us, closing out a museum.

outside, we said our goodbyes, and headed home. i know these two are super excited for the spring semester of stem triad, where they are in all the same classes all day long. 🙂

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