october 2020 happenings around home.

initially, our travel plans for october took up the entire month, so we weren’t planning on much halloween decorating. but we came home a week early, so the obvious choice was to go all out decorating for halloween and/or fall. the girls and i went to a little farm stand in lewisville (rogers nursery) where we picked out a bunch of pumpkins and gourds for a fall diorama.

we also picked up a non-decorative bale of straw from the feed store near our house and it was ginormous and almost didn’t fit on the porch. we made it work though.

and now for the most random miscellaneous round up of october happenings….

our school has morphed into lounging in the living room, doing a bit of math, vocabulary and reading, before each kid is off to do their own thing (art, coding, legos, playmobil, making videos, holding chickens).

our yard in the woods is leaf pile heaven, if you’re a kid or a dog and not a dad who has to make the leaf piles.

we didn’t actually go trick or treating, because of covid, both for lack of opportunities and our concern about visiting dozens of strangers in a quest for candy. instead, we picked up some face paint, bought our own candy, and had an epic escape room-esque, puzzle solving scavenger hunt to locate said candy.

we also made halloween cookies. i only had one lone helper for the making the dough part of the cookie creating.

hazel did a great job, and then anna was glad to join in the cutting out and baking part. and my mom arrived for a visit, just in time for the halloween cookie decorating extravaganza.

we went heavy on pumpkins and skeleton heads, but made a few ghosts and tombstones too. i talked the kids into a few gingerbread men, who could be zombies and mummies and vampires and, well, josh allen (dead).

we finished off october with a big snugglefest on the couch with new gramma and gilly. not a bad way to go out.

onto november!!

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  1. Brenda Lidbom says:

    Love the Gramma and friends pic at the end!

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