febz 2021.

Other than a visit from my mom at the end of the month, February was rather uneventful around the parts. Teaching was slowly murdering me. It was cold and blah. We were still all living under quarantine. Good times, really.

Let’s see. There was a Buffalo Bills-less Super Bowl. We watched. Ate wings. Ho hum.

The kiddos got a Valentines Day mail surprise from our RV life pals, Jenn and Brandy. And Isaac got some extra birthday cash. Pretty much the highlight of the month.

We did attempt to show a bit of Valentine’s spirit and decorate a batch of cookies I made with an impulse purchase of cookie cutters from Target. Also, as previously discussed on this blog, I own an embarrassing volume of sprinkles, so this was really just an opportunity to purge some of that collection. The girls and I were they only decorators for this go ’round.

Here are the results…

Derek and Anna went to a wedding in Florida for almost a full week, so Isaac and Hazel and I spent Valentine’s Day without them. Of course I whipped up a heart-shaped breakfast for them. With a (some) side(s) of candy.

Hazel and her pal Maddie agreed to a haircut pact, orchestrated by their respective mothers, who are tired of daily hair brushing drama. They may or may not have been bribed by a trip to La Carretta afterward.

Fabric and food and maybe some adult beverage self care…
I won an instagram giveaway and received a fun little pouch, a rainbow quilt pattern, and a stack of great scraps. I continued working, ever so slowly but surely, on a quilt for Anna (which is completed and will be posted about soon enough). And Derek bought me a big fat delicious sub and ice cream and a bottle of wine, you know, to help me survive teaching. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t work).

While I taught, the kids had to fend for themselves. Derek’s mom did some Virtual GrammaSchool with Hazel, but that didn’t always go well. Some subjects were neglected (and we are paying for that now). And there was a lot of screen time permitted. I don’t think anyone minded that part.

And now for a bit of random-ness.

On the last day of my Mom’s visit, her old neighbor Glada, who now resides in Winston-Salem, came over for a visit.

I guess here’s some February egg photos. The pic on the right shows the size difference between a double yolker and a regular egg, shown in Anna’s 10 year old hands.

And. Obviously. No monthly recap would be complete without a Ruby collage. She is the best dog ever.

And that’s really all there is to report from the month of February.

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