pilot mountain with new gramz.
mental health day #3 (fail).

In late February, my mom came down to visit. It worked out nicely, because I had a faux-long weekend from teaching. For some reason, there were two “remote” days built into the calendar on Friday and Monday, which technically meant that the kids who were doing in-person school would be remote that day, but because there is always much confusion around these days, the virtual school, which is always remote and I assumed we would operate as normal, opted to be “asynchronous”, so I just needed to provide assignments, be available and do a bit of lesson planning.

Of course, then it was super rainy and gross the whole time my mom was here, except for one afternoon of not rainy but still overcast conditions. We took the opportunity to head up to Pilot Mountain, where despite having lived here since 2003, I have never taken my mom. I had also hoped to get a little mental health recharge, but at this point in my teaching career, that dial was hard to move.

Anyways. Not much to say. So here’s a million photos of the excursion.

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