sea life cupcakes for kaylin.

My pal Stephanie’s kiddo Kaylin and I go way back. When I worked in the toddler room at our church and Stephanie and her fam had just started coming, Kaylin would only come to me for the handoff. Then, I became pregnant with Anna and my due date was Kaylin’s birthday. As you may know, Anna did not get born on her due date, because she wanted to start torturing me before she was even ever born, but that has nothing to do with this story.

Anyways. We have all stayed friends through all these years and now, sweet Kaylin is turning 13. Thirteen!! And her parents were throwing her a big bash and asked if I could make the cupcakes. I was glad to oblige and had big fat ideas and plans. And then my second Covid vaccine knocked. me. out. But, I perked up just in time to throw together these sea life themed cupcakes. I think they were a success. Or at least satisfactory.

The lessons I learned from this adventure:

  1. My oven sucks and is really inconsistent.
  2. Plan to need more food coloring gel than you think.
  3. Don’t stress about trying to use reusable bags. The few disposable bags needed for the volume of cakes I make are NOT what is filling the landfills.
  4. Buy more sprinkles than you need. Leftovers are always fun and coming up short is not.
  5. Don’t get your pandemic vaccine right before you have to make a bunch of cupcakes.
  6. I am my own worst critic. (I already knew this and will unlearn it before my next creation).

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