april generic stuff. 2021.

April was pretty great. The weather is lovely. We had a normal Easter. We took our first RV trip of 2021. I made a fun new epic pillow. And I went camping all by myself. Here’s what happened in the in between moments.

Let’s see. Firstly, Derek has surprised me with a few fabric bundles. I don’t know what to do with them. But, I own them now. And they are pretty. I’m just 100% not motivated to quilt at this point, so they will sit, unused, for a bit longer.

Upon our return from South Carolina, some other road friends who were traveling in the area stopped to stay in our driveway for a couple of nights. The kids picked up where they left off and everyone had a blast!!

We had a little scare with the Hazelnut. It’s been a particularly rough allergy season, so when Hazel started having a sore throat, cough, and sniffles, we didn’t think much of it. Then she spiked a little fever, but we still weren’t super worried. Then she threw up all over the living room and kitchen. Like. All over. She got up. Walked from the living room to the kitchen. Throwing up. All the way.

Well, at this point, we thought we should maybe just call the doc and see what they thought. Well, they had us bring her in, where our doc was pretty sure it was just some other virus. We took a rapid Covid test just in case, and it was confirmed. Random other virus. Thankfully no one else picked it up and in a day or so she was back to herself.

Just as soon as we got back to homeschool life, things started winding down for the year. Couch School with our beloved mascot is the new normal.

Speaking of beloved mascot. Now is as good a time as any for my monthly Ruby montage.

In chicken life, it appears that Barack Obrahma gets 99% of the love from these two girls. She’s definitely the friendliest and we feel bad because she’s the outcast of the flock. The other dummy in the flock is Frida Kahlo, who lays her eggs anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes Ruby does and brings them to us, ever so proudly and gently, until she drops them onto the floor. She is so good with the chickens, only giving an occasional chase, but never murdering any. And there’s even a few of them that aren’t scared of her and will run her off when she gets a little to close to their food scraps.

Apparently, I have a lot of Hazel photos this month. So she gets her own section.

And then lastly, a bit of randomness. Two pics of randomness exactly. On a trip to the thrift store, Anna and I found these pristine, unused crayons, from 1985. For 25 cents, we had no choice but to buy them, right? And on the right. A photo of my DELICIOUS lobster roll from Lobster Dogs food truck. I went to Wiseman Brewery with my quilty friend Kim, where the food truck was set up, and this was almost as good as the lobster rolls from Maine.

And. That’s all from April. And, it’s May right now so I’m super almost caught up!!!

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