baby girl quilt.

my friend kerry is having her third baby.
but her first girl.
and long awaited girl. 😉

so, i wasn’t sure what to get or make her, given the little amount of time i’ve had lately, but i decided at the very last minute (thursday. the shower was friday) that i could make a baby sized patchwork quilt.

kerry’s colors are pink and gray and white.
so, i made this:
baby girl quilt.

i think she mostly meant soft pink and soft gray, but that’s not really my thing and i don’t have many soft pinks. i also threw in some random charms that i had that were sort of girly. and sort of pink and/or gray. 🙂
baby girl quilt.

for the back, i used these cute dancing girls. i scored about ten yards of two different prints in this free spirit line for $3/yard at ben franklin last week. so, you can expect every baby girl quilt i ever make to be backed in this.
baby girl quilt.

the shower was fun. i think kerry liked it. and it was a good testament to how far my quilting abilities have come. not that it was an extremely difficult quilt to assemble, but i managed to make in a 24 hour turnaround. a year ago, that sucker would have taken me a week. 🙂

thanks for reading.

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  1. katie says:

    Looks great Sarah. where is there a ben franklin crafts still in the area? I need to go check that out. I was very sad when they closed the one in Kernersville.

  2. Kelly says:

    Awesome job, on both the quilt AND doing it so quickly considering all the kids running underfoot! You are SuperMom!

  3. Gloria says:

    She gives me hope. Perhaps, if we have a third it will be a girl. Fingerscrossed. And IF we do. I need a quilt too, at least a car seat quilt. Pleeeease : ) Love your work.

  4. Kerry Plantz says:

    It was for sure a highlight of my shower! I adore every square of it and am hopeful that my daughter will one day pass this gem on down the generations! Love you Sarah 🙂

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