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the epic frozen extravaganza.

so. a little background first. the trip i took to florida with the girls last month was supposed to also have a trip to disney and universal tacked on. as we planned, it just wasn’t looking like the best financial … Continue reading

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the april post.

ugh. i started this post on may 1. but it’s been a bit crazy around here with projects and school parties and anna’s birthday!!! (that post to come. soon. maybe.) anyhow. rewind about 40 days and that’s where this post … Continue reading

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belated (mostly instagrams) march post.

beware: this post contains 45 pictures from the lid kid month of march. we kicked off march with derek and isaac heading out of town to a wedding, so i just had the girls. which meant anna watched a lot … Continue reading

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february in 35 pictures.

it seems i’m getting worse and worse at consistent blogging, despite my attempts to get better and better at consistent blogging. it’s been a rather crazy month. i kicked it off by returning from batavia for my uncle ray’s funeral. … Continue reading

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the sad trip home.

on the morning of isaac’s birthday, my mom called to tell me that my uncle ray passed away in the night. he’s my mom’s mom’s brother. and we were all very close, growing up. i’ll save his story for another … Continue reading

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isaac’s eighth birthday.
minecraft mania.

last saturday. isaac lidbom turned. eight. eight. EIGHT. how did this happen? anyhooo… we took some obligatory chalkboard pics of the boy as he entered into his ninth year on the planet… first, one by himself. all proud. then, anna … Continue reading

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lewisville christmas parade.

yesterday was the lewisville christmas parade. we didn’t get to go last year because of hazel and the business of her being born and all newborn and such. but we’ve gone in most of the years past. this year. isaac … Continue reading

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birthday weekend at the beach. (sewing).

a few weekends ago, i went with three quilty friends to a quilting retreat, hosted by the triangle modern quilt guild. at the beach. bonus info: it was also my birthday weekend. on the way down, we stopped at two … Continue reading

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lazy five ranch.

a few days (weeks) ago, our friend stephanie invited us to go to lazy 5 ranch with her family. they had won some tickets and couldn’t use them all and anna and kaylin are super good friends and we’ve never … Continue reading

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four quilts for four sisters.

i’ve been on a finishing up quilts rampage this month. mostly because hazel sleeps. and because they’ve all come together at the same time. but mostly the sleeping. i started making these quilts for my friend brie’s THREE daughters. she … Continue reading

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