3 Hours of TV

We just got down watching three full hours of adventure/reality TV. At 8:00 on CBS, we tuned into Survivor All-Stars, where Kathy was voted off.
During the commercials, I switched to Fox to see who was voted off of American Idol (it was JPL – the horrible dancer with the funky attitude), and occasionally to Friends on NBC to see what is going to happen in the final 4 episodes.
At 9:00, we settled into NBC for the two hour final episode of The Apprentice. Bill edged out Kwame for the job working for Donald Trump. We waited and waited to hear that Omarosa was really an actress hired to antagonize the contestants, only to find out, those were her true colors. (Excuse me if that seems racist….)
Now, in my zombie-television-viewer state, I’m heading to bed, where I’ll likely have dreams of being on Survivor, like I did last week.

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