This is a picture of the dog that Derek and I are attempting to adopt from the Forsyth Animal Shelter. She is the cutest puppy (or older) ever. Her name (now) is Goldie, but she didn’t respond to it, so I think we may go for something else. I’m open to suggestions…. Let ’em fly.

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  1. I think Uncle Jake should name her. I’m sure he can come up with something creative!

  2. Jake’s Pet Names, thus far:
    Gold Fish -> “Hey Nani Nani and a Ha Cha Cha”
    Cat -> “Ozzie Kamikazi”
    Clown Fish (2) -> “Orange Guys”
    Blue Fish -> “Blue Dude”
    Hamster -> “Hamster Wonder” (Named during the superhero phase)
    Guinea Pig -> “Scamper”

    I’ve told him to think of names. We’re leaning towards Lucy. That was the name of my Toyota 4runner (Rest in Peace).
    We bought some accessories tonight, in hopeful anticipation of our new family member….

  3. oh, and let us not forget:
    “Wutang” the Yellow Tang Fish, and
    “Hudson” the Hawk Fish
    (with a little help from my mom, on those)…

  4. We got Goldie!!

    Pretty excited we are.

  5. Jen Stevens and tiny boy (coming baby) says:

    I like Emma Jean, Emma Bean.
    Or Esther. Cletus, Bob Buttons…

  6. ooo i got one.. you should name her girlie girl.. or something cute like that lol im just messing name her something good. Like Falcon.. NOT!!! well lets see.. i’ll think of something…. ::thinking:: umm how about…. Michelle.. nah that isnt good. Whats wrong with Goldie? i mean its not a bad name give it time im sure she will get use too being called that. i bet she hasnt had that name long. Thats the way my dog was, I have a 4 yr old Chihuhla and it didnt first respond too his name (which is Ren) my dad named him. His name should be Cujo he is a BEAST!!! We’ve had him since he was like 18 weeks old or something like that. he looks like a rat on acid. but anyways, give it time it will rub on her and she will be like that must be my name lol.. i know i know im strange but thats what im here for!! 😀 have a super de dopper day! ( i have little cousin’s and they love that gay show) see ya later!

  7. we didn’t get her tonight.
    tomorrow, i guess. 🙁

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