Go Bush Go!

Another week down. That’s 4, total. We had a pep rally Friday afternoon. It was a pretty good one. Last week, it seemed disorganized and the students weren’t really involved. This week, they hyped it up all week, and the place was filled with Falcon Spirit.
The football team played Starmount last night (hence, all the pep and hoopla). Don’t know how they did. Maybe someone who was there will comment??…..

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  1. All the Cheering the football players got was what pumped em up!! thats why they want us too go too the games, it helps the football players get into the spirit when there is just the cheerleaders it doesnt work, they want fans because that makes them feel important! I’m shocked we won and glad… I had too wear a Forbush Tee all day long on friday. so i guessed it was worth it! ‘Git -R- Done Forbush!!!!’

  2. What do you mean that you don’t know how they did? They made history…broke a 12 year losing streak…by running over the rams 27-6. We were hoping to skunk them but a victory is a victory, right?
    Lucy is darling! I hope she’s been a good girl this weekend!

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