Parent Conferences, Etc.

Another Picture-less update….

We have parent conferences today. Fun times, fun times. I hope I don’t have any angry parents. I can always fall back on the “I’m a new teacher” line of reasoning. If that fails, I’ll just hide, I guess. 🙂

In related news… I somehow managed to get “Staff Member of the Week” last week. I was nominated by a student, and I guess the administration just picks the one with a decent reason. (“She’s the wonderfullest” probably doesn’t qualify me). I know I have a few kids that are stuffing the ballot box, so they probably just chose me to get those kids to stop. We’ll see if it works. 🙂

Well….. on to the conferences….

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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I am sure the administration did not reason this out to go ahead and award you so that the kids would stop. Anyway, the new kids will start again next semester. I think you’re wonderful also!

  2. wow teresa! thanks. you’re such a good not-mentor. 🙂

  3. You’re my staff member of the week every week!


  4. i stuffed the ballet box. i owed you from homecoming.

  5. That comment above was me…Sarah had posted using my machine and it remembered her information

  6. i think that i shouldn’t get observed 4 whole times. that’s 4 days that my kids won’t learn a thing while i stutter and stammer through my lesson. 🙂 “um…. math is good. and numbers, they’re good too. mostly. because you’ll use math some other days. when you’re grown up… and that’s why i love math… or something.”….

  7. Sarah, You are being WAY too hard on yourself! You are going to be fine if you survive til the 29th! I have much confidence in your abilities and know that you are going to shine brightly!
    Teresa, your not-mentor!

  8. thanks teresa. you’re so encouraging. it’s a good thing i have 2.5 mentors… because i need 2.5 times the encouragement. 🙂

  9. 2.5? Am I the half…or is that Christa? Or, are Doyle and I each 1.25? How’s my math?

  10. Let’s see… I didn’t expect to have to itemize my statement. I would say that you and Doyle can be 1.01 each, leaving .48 for Christa. 🙂

    About your math…. did you use a calculator???

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