Round 2

Kids are back today.
I don’t feel ready. I’m sure it will be alright. If not, I’ll just get to the weekend and then spend it (unhappily) fixing said unpreparedness.
Nothing else new to report.
We take on Starmount at home tonight. Should be a fun time.
Well, I’d really love to stay and share my thoughts on the new semester, but I have to get to school SOON. Details later….

3 Replies to “Round 2”

  1. What an exciting start to the semester! The Lady Falcons looked good tonight and I’m sure you were very proud! I hope to see you soon to sit down and talk for a few minutes. When is your planning period this semester?

  2. yes– very exciting. and we beat west wilkes last night in a very close game. we’re 6-4 with hibriten next….
    my planning period is 3rd. when are you gonna visit me?

  3. I hope to visit early in the week but not on Monday. You know how I have to get everything settled at the start of the semester with new kids going out for training. This is my least favorite time to have my job!

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