Signature Moves

Telephone call to my parents in NY today:

Jake: (enthusiastic) Hello!!!
Me: Hi Buddy!
Jake: Hi Say-wah!
Me: What are you doing?
Jake: Oh…. just practicing my Signature Moves.

He’s not quite right.

In other news… I’m about to embark on the the first full week of students in 2005. I’m just completely unmotivated this semester. I don’t know what’s come over me. I definitely need to snap out of it, or it’s going to be a (very) long 5 months.

We watched Open Water tonight. We had heard that it was very good. I don’t agree on the very. It was alright. But not even very alright.

Well, that’s about all…… I have to go practice my signature moves.

5 Replies to “Signature Moves”

  1. Classic Jake…he’s hilarious

  2. Not quite right…Sounds like Jake may just take after his big sister! Are you sore from your flu shot? I started to stop in and check on you but figured you’d get along just fine without me!

  3. not flu… hepatitus b. figured i’d go before amy johnson starts giving me death threats.
    when are you coming to visit me? soon? you should come to a game and we can hang out for the boy’s game. like tomorrow. that’s what i think.

  4. Sorry, Sarah! I went to see Jim’s grandchildren play basketball so missed your game on Saturday. The other Logans did come, however, to cheer you on!
    I wanted to tell you that I baked my cookies from the jar on Monday and they were AWESOME!!!
    See you soon.

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