We are off to San Francisco today.

I hope to see DJ Tanner and eat some Rice-A-Roni.

I think actually, Derek has an action packed week for us. He’s in charge of all the activities. I’m just along for the ride.

But first, off to school for a couple of periods, so I can earn a living. Get my kids straight. Learn ’em real good. Stuff like that.

Soooo…. unless Derek lets me use his computer, I’ll be back Sunday/Monday-ish and I’ll fully chronicle my journey then.


4 Replies to “Rice-A-Roni”

  1. Happy Easter to you! I hope the Rice-a-Roni was great. I promise to drop by for a visit this week…PROMISE!

  2. Hi Sarah and Derek!
    I hope your trip was a treat…even if Rice-a-roni is not produced in San Francisco (assuming a public radio report I heard years ago is true). Donna and I have had some really nice excursions there. I love the air-refresh that swoops-in from the ocean. Did those hills turn your calves into cows? Meet any interesting street people? (we did). See any seals… loons… sourdough? (after a few days I found this bread could make good building supplies… I offered it to my grandmother as a souvenir of Frisco, not knowing it would be a ‘gag’ gift).
    Welcome back, and Happy Risen-Day!

  3. Now that we’re back, maybe I can get the Full House theme song out of my head. 😀

  4. We’re back. I’m tired.
    I’ll hopefully have pics and details by this weekend. I’ve been slightly busy lately.
    I think I still need to put Christmas pics up. I can’t remember. Whatev.

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