I’m back!!!!

I have been unable to update my site for some time now, due to some upgrades on the server that conflicted with my code. Oops.

A lot has gone done since my last journal entry….. I’ll do my best to run through it all….

  • my parents and jake came and left (this am, actually).
  • we began home repairs in preperation for selling our house (so far: painted cabinets, planted beautiful garden, fixed old screen door, cleaned extensively, started de-wallpapering, added new-not-broken lights…) i think that’s it.
  • um, i think that’s all that has happened too. i’m boring. sorry.

    Anyhoooo… I’ll get some pics up soon of something, because I know READING sites is boring. If I wanted to read, I’d get a book, not go online!

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    1. Love your updated site! I wondered where you had been lately but just thought that you were trying to cram all the math you could into these last days before exams. Hope you had a great visit with Jake. Where are you moving? See you soon!

    2. i am cramming all the math into the pumpkins brains as i can. algebra 2 is definitely winding down, while algebra 1 is getting tough. 🙁

      i don’t know where we are moving. just out. after we do some renovating. want to help?

    3. sarahpowers says:

      hey dude.

      you are such a busy girl. i am impressed with your home improvement list. hope you had fun with jake and deb and ter.


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