No More Air

They (a custodian representing someone “higher up”) locked down the temperature controls in my trailer today with these space-age thermostat guards. I’m rather annoyed. Controlling the air is the ONLY plus to being in the trailer park. Was the only plus…

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  1. Oh, Sarah! You know that you really love the privacy of being out in the trailer park. People have to have a real reason to come out there to visit! Besides, if you were inside a building, you’d never get to stomp in the mud puddles while going to the office, the bathroom, to make copies, etc.! You’d probably even have to listen to the teacher next door and his disruptive students counting down the days until school is OUT FOR SUMMER!!!

  2. I’ll put the appropriate thermostat adjusting “tools” in your backpack tonight.

  3. I hate the trailer park.

  4. “Two trailer park girls go round the outside; round the outside, …”

    Remember that song you used to play on the S-Train?!

  5. i sure do. ahhhh — the memories!
    i almost forgot that i hated the place!

  6. Brad told me all about the trailer drama. I had to check it out and make sure it was true!! I am SO glad I don’t have to deal with Yadkin County Schools anymore! You should come up to SCHS we have a math position open and you would be inside.

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