Gotta Get Red

Derek’s parents came over yesterday to graciously help us peel wallpaper from our hallway. It was old and dirty and peeling and damaged and FABRIC and needs to be gone if we want to sell our house to anyone that knows it’s not 1973 anymore.
After the festivities, we went to lunch at Moe’s in the Thruway Shopping Center. We noticed there was a new New Balance store and decided to check it out.

It was love at first sight.
My next sneaker lust: The Red 991.
I have had gray. They were good for a season. I am working on Blue. They’re nice. But, red…. I gotta get RED.

It’s like an addiction I tell you. I only hope the problem stops with red. I’ll let you know. I’m saving my allowance…..

In related news: does anyone want to come paint our hallway?

5 Replies to “Gotta Get Red”

  1. They also had bright green and a completely-not-so-bright brown.

  2. Very nice… classy… sheik… I think I want some too. Maybe we can start a gang! Maybe we can start a cult! Then we can all wear those red shoes… And red could represent our being covered by the blood of the Lamb and shoes represent being servants… hmmm… maybe… maybe not! Much love to you and Derek!

  3. It’s a Falcon thing…thank goodness you didn’t end up at Starmount! Can’t you just see those in bright orange?

  4. They had orange ones in dodgeball: The Movie.

  5. Sarah informed me they were yellow…nevermind.

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