5 More

That’s right. Five more class days.
10 classes in all.
It’s getting close!!

Basketball is in full swing. We have our first game Wednesday. Scrimmages looked good. We’re small. No one is taller than about 5′ 9″. And we don’t really have any TRUE post players. Well, maybe one, I guess.

We had a long weekend from school. Thursday was a teacher work day. Friday was Veteran’s Day. It’s a nice break, but you can be certain that my kids don’t remember a thing from last week.
Composition of Functions? What’s that?? We’ll see….
I do have a psycho-math-teacher story, but I’ll have to save it for another time. It’s time to head to Yadkin County…..

4 Replies to “5 More”

  1. Why aren’t you using your Zen Micro to record your psycho teacher and post the craziness here?

  2. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy birthday dear Sarah,

    Happy Birthday to you.

    Love, Mom of someone closing in on 30.

    Don’t let Frankie read this, it makes him cry.

  3. *Sniffle sniffle* Waaaaaah wahhhhhh *sniffle* Waaaahhhhhhhhh

  4. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Enjoy this last year as a twenty-something chick…only 12 more months until you become THIRTY!!! Anyhow, wishing you happiness today and always!

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