Christmas Vacation!!

Today marks the first day of Christmas Vacation. (Winter break, to be politically correct). Whatever. I’m off of school until January 2nd and that’s pretty sweet.
We finally did move on Wednesday. It was MADNESS. There were random kids roaming everywhere. We moved my entire trailer in about 20 minutes. Twenty-eight eager (to not do math) seniors can really move some stuff. Plus, I didn’t have much to move. So, I’m all settled into room 804 in the new “J” building. It’s exciting.

In other news, we had Derek’s family Christmas party last night. It was fun. Derek’s sister, her husband and son could not come because the little one was very sick. So, it was a rather small gathering. We got some pretty sweet stuff. The main gift was a gift certificate towards a night at a bed and breakfast. I’m pretty sure that will be used way down the line. No bed and breakfasts for us anytime soon.

We are about 2 minutes away from leaving here to go to Derek’s work for a baby shower. I’ll definitely post updates about that when we get home. Or sometime thereafter. 🙂

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