two days

….until Christmas vacation, that is.
It’s been tough this week. The kids aren’t very motivated. I’m not very motivated. My ankles are gigantic. My fingers in my right hand are usually numb. (That’s fun).
Our whole school is supposed to be moving sometime. I’m not sure exactly when. Everyday, they tell us “tomorrow”. So, it’s hard to plan around that. I have a bunch of tests and quizzes planned for today’s “tomorrow” so if I go in tomorrow and they switch their forecast from tomorrow to today, then I’m saying NO.
Um, yeah. So, that’s all the news from here.
I have one month and one week remaining in my scheduled pregnancy, although I’m getting a bit uncomfortable and I’m not dealing with that so well. I don’t think I was cut out for having babies. Perhaps we’ll get the next one already assembled. I think it costs extra, but I now think it’s worth it. 🙂

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