just a boring update post

i see that it’s been quite some time since i posted last.
it is because my life is extremely boring, i must confess.
let’s see…..

on saturday, i made cookies all day long. there’s still a bit of work to do to bring that task to completion. i have to decorate the sugar cookies with frosting and tasty candy decor. derek has to dip some peanut butter balls in melted chocolate. then the cookies will be ready for gift distribution.

on sunday, i drove to raleigh to visit some old pals. i went to my old church, bethesda baptist. it was a lot different. they’ve switched to contemporary worship, so i didn’t get to try to time my ending notes with the ever long last notes of hugh o’shields. i saw all the old favs, the minor family, the bankers, noah and carly’s mom, debbie, scott parrish, laughing karla, all the overcashes, the dowd’s and of course, the p. clay stevens family. then, i scooted over to sarahpowers house. from there we went to visit her mom and dad who are in town for a full month. we then watched a hockey game full of batavia newyorkers. that was fun. then i headed back.

this week has been pretty busy, it seems. mostly because i get tired-er and tired-er by the day. we are winding down the semester though. it’s day 74 today of 90 days. the last four of which are exams, so it’s day 74 of 86 “teaching” days. crazy. and even more importantly, we are out a week from today. i don’t think that can possibly arrive soon enough.

in baby news, i am about 6 weeks left (on saturday). it’s crazy that the baby could, in reality, come whenever he feels like. i was already born at this point in my mom’s pregnancy. tina and burl love (from school) just had theirs about 3 weeks early, so i’m trying to get things sorted out around school, in case of an early baby arrival.

well, that’s about it. told you it was boring. 🙂

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