1st Day

it’s actually the second day, but i’m writing to update how the first day back went.

um, i don’t want to be back. it’s hectic. i have to find time to “get” isaac’s food twice a day. anyone with any knowledge of teaching knows that it’s not easy to find 20-25 minutes in your day. much less, twice.

i don’t even know why i’m spending time typing this.

the kids are good. i had to yell at them today. i think they are still on substitute teacher coast mode. that, combined with a little senioritis, and some chippy attitudes doesn’t make for a fun day.

i was so glad to get the boy yesterday. i wanted to play with him more, but he was grumpy and wanted to sleep. but, not enough to go to sleep. just enough to be grumpy.

he did, however, have an excellent night last night. he slept from 9 until 2:15 and then from 3:00 until 5:30. I fed him a little at 5:30 and then he went back to sleep until about 7:00. hopefully, this is a sign that things are going to start to get better?

that’s all. back to work. bleh.

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