Baby Skillz

Isaac has been working hard on the following skills:

1. He is trying very hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth and plops back down. Sometimes he gets his legs moving and keeps his arms locked in place and accomplishes a face plant. Sometimes he accidentally rolls over. Just today, I noticed him getting up on his feet a little bit. He’s ready to be on the move.

2. Sitting up. He can balance for awhile, but then usually tumbles over to the side. It’s quite amusing. We took this sweet video of one of his attempts at big people sitting. I like the end when he throws his hand up as if to say, “I’m ok!”

3. Spitting. I think the proper term is “razzing”. In any case, when he’s getting tired of something (being on the changing table, being awake, eating, etc), he puts his little lips together and razzes. It’s cute, but I know he’s just trying to show me his disgust.

4. Trying new foods. We had peas today. He loved them. He ate them ravenously. Our menu now includes: carrots, peas, pears, maybe prunes (he’s had prune juice), oatmeal, and of course milk and formula. It’s exciting. This video captures some eating and some razzing (#3). It’s a little shaky because I was videoing and feeding at the same time.

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