Nap Mania

Isaac woke up a little before 5:00 am.
I wasn’t sure if I should:
a) get him up and feed him and start the day.
b) feed him as though it were a night waking from his earlier days.
c) let him try to go back to sleep.

I opted for choice c.
He tried and tried to go back to sleep. I left the room, because he tossed and turned and cried a little at every creak of the bed or ruffle of the sheets.
I checked on him around 6 am, and he looked up at me with big sad eyes, thumb stuffed in his mouth, seeming to say, “I’m trying Mom, I really am”.
So, I got him up and we started the day.

He went down for his first nap around 7:30 and slept for two hours.
He ate and was grumpy. He took another short nap.
We went to Target. We got home. He was still grumpy, so he took another nap.
This nap lasted about 1:15. He woke up. He ate. He cried a lot. He tried to take naps in various places. I put him in his pack and play (his crib up until now). He screamed. We tried more napping alternatives. None of them seemed to suit him. Finally, I think the tiredness overwhelmed him and he agreed to the pack and play on the second time around. So, he’s fast asleep for yet another nap.
I don’t know what to do with him today. He’s crabby.

I think I’ll take a nap now.

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