overdue day number 2.

well, here we are.

still pregnant. much larger. much more tired. out of things to clean. in a constant state of limbo. waiting.

i guess this means that the girl is either really stubborn or really laid back. i’m hoping for laid back, since the role of the really stubborn child is currently being played by the boy.

i head to the doc in a few minutes. i’m hoping they’ll tell me i’m ready to roll. but, i’m realistically expecting them to give me a high five and have me back next week.

i did have a delightful (hopefully last pregnant) day hanging with one, jude to the p-sall. we dined on chipotle and took the little ones to the park for some swinging and playing in stagnant water. (and i just came to the realization that blogger has changed the way pictures get uploaded and i don’t have time to do it the new and “improved” way… so, no pictures of toddlers and stagnant water for now)…

ANYHOOOOO, that’s the story.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    If you can hold out like 16 more days, your baby girl will share a birthday with me. Just sayin.

  2. Tell Anna thanks for waiting. I no longer have a cold like I did Monday and Tuesday. See ya soon Anna!

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