T Minus 7 Hours and 14 Minutes.

had high blood pressure at the doc’s today.

it didn’t go down enough to make them happy, so i’ll be heading in to be induced at 5:00 am tomorrow. actually, we’ll be heading in at like 4:10 to be there at 4:30 to check in to be induced at 5:00 am. which is fine with me, since i’ve been up most of the night for the last few nights anyhow…

isaac is at his gramma’s house. he sort of knows what is about to go down, but really has absolutely no idea how much his happy little existence is about to change. i think he’ll be a good big brother and helper. that’s what i keep telling myself, anyways. 🙂

it was a weird feeling sitting around tonight, knowing how different things are going to be. it’s not like we didn’t know it before, but having a set date and time makes it so real.

we ordered a pizza. clicked through some terrible friday night programming. decided that going to bed was a better idea. straightened up a little. and here we are…

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