12 little boom boxes.

the other day, i went on a thrifting spree with my friend jessica. first, we went to megathrift, because all clothes were half off. she with a 1.5ish year old girl and a brand brand new baby boy and i with my extra tall 4 year old boy and my monster baby girl… we have a lot of clothing needs to fill. but, it was packed out when we got there. overwhelmingly packed out.

never fear. we drove to sonic for some limeades and headed back to the nearby goodwill. we dug through the baby clothes bin and sorted through the childrens rack. jessica hit the shoe jackpot. i did not. (and shoes were really all i was hoping for). i did get a few things for the lidkids, but most importantly happened upon a target t-shirt with a grid of 12 brightly colored boom boxes. it would not fit me or derek, but what it would do was get chopped up into little pieces and appliqued onto approximately 12 childrens clothing items.

firstly, here’s the shirt. i forgot to take a picture until after i had already highjacked one of the boom boxes.

boom box number one. onesie. it’s hard to tell, but i stitched a straight stitch, in black, along the edge of the boombox.

number two would be ruined by my carelessness.

boom box number three goes to: a white (hand-me-down/free) 5t circo tee. for this, i didn’t have matching green thread (or at least i didn’t look hard enough), so i went with gray zig zag stitches….

here are the two boom boxes in their new homes.

so, now i have 9 left. three have been promised to a family of three super cute boys. so, really, i’m down to six. i am sure that the pink ones will find their way to more of annababy’s clothes. so, i’ve got 4 up for grabs…

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  1. I also have three super cute boys. 🙂

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