pay it forward

at the beginning of this year, i participated in a facebook “pay-it-forward” challenge. someone had posted that they would send a handmade gift to the first five people to comment on their status, and in return, each of those five people was to post a similar status, stating they would made a handmade gift for the first five to comment…

so, i commented. and reposted. and got five replies. and then did nothing for six months. but, the other night, i got my act together and cranked out these five monsters.

for brenda:

and marla:

and michelle:

and jena:

and cindy:

i have to admit, i think they’re quite cute and will miss them.

i wonder if my pay it forward gift will ever arrive. 🙁

3 Replies to “pay it forward”

  1. i’ll give you a pay it forward gift if yours does not come 🙂

  2. I love it! I sent one of my pay – it – forwards – have to work on the rest! Very sweet!

    By the way – love the ideas and the fun stuff that you are doing with the kids. Very awesome!

  3. Pinky has arrived! I love her! She is on my bookcase, flanked by Georgie and my house cleaning gnome. 🙂 I’ll have to take a picture and send it to you!
    Thank you so much!

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