well, i have wasted spent the entire day messing around with my blog. headers, widgets, themes, pages… etcetera. and i’m pretty frustrated.

i am only ok with this theme. it looks a little business like. but, i liked that i could have a header image. and it’s customizable. the problem is, and it was a problem with most themes i found, a lot of my previous posts are all messed up. i am going to leave them for a bit, and see if i happen upon a theme that i like a zillion times better. so, that’s that.

bear with me.

3 Replies to “changes.”

  1. I like the look. I have to click over from reader though so tell me if there is something cool I am missing from reader. Remember me when you become a famous quilt blogger ; )

  2. You are amazing and this quilt is going to be incredible!

  3. love them!!!!

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