a design wall for the quilt dungeon.

a long long long time ago, i bought a big pack of fabric (amy butler, soul blossom, fat quarters – if you’re interested). i began to slowly work on a king size quilt for our bed. it’s sort of a background project. something to work on mindlessly when i have just a few minutes or in between other, more pressing projects.

well, a little cutting here, a block there, some ironing all along and now, months later, i have all 72 blocks completed. well, i need to square up about 2/3 of them. now comes the layout. but, how to easily layout an 8 foot by 9 foot quilt? if i put it on the floor i’ll be stomping all over the pieces to move them around until i like it. and then, i can’t leave it out, because various lid-children will have their way with the pretty colored fabric squares. so, i’ll have to carefully label and stack and then inevitably get something out of order from how i intended and shake my fist in the air and grab for the seam ripper. and then there’s the matter of the carpet not being all that nice in the quilt dungeon. it’s a semi-finished basement, after all. and there’s no telling what the people who lived here before us let their sweet elderly pooch get away with…

so, i convinced derek that i needed a design wall. while i was happy to just tape up a hunk of batting onto the wall, derek wisely suggested we go a more aesthetically pleasing route. so, i hopped onto the wide world of web to find this tutorial and we got to work. two foam boards. a hunk of batting. staple gun. gorilla tape. and it’s done…

before being mounted to wall.

and all attached to the concrete forever.


(please disregard the bubbling paint on the wall).
(and the hole in the ceiling).
(that’s why it’s called the dungeon).

thanks, derek. 🙂

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  1. Great job!

  2. Another option- if you want to be upstairs and not in the dungeon is to get one of those plastic table clothes with the flannel backside – lay it upside down, put out your squares as you want them and then roll it up – or fold it, the flannel backside kind of holds the pieces in place.
    It’s a cool tool when you don’t have space to leave stuff out!

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