hours away from 2012.
i’ve been contemplating resolutions.
goals. changes. whatever.

here goes.

1. less facebook. (and twitter.)
way way less.
i’ve been thinking about ways to accomplish this, because i do love that i’ve gotten in touch with long lost friends and it’s a great way to keep up with far away friends and relatives. but it’s also a big time sucker. i’ve created a list of 21 “close friends” that i would like to keep up with. hopefully, i can keep from straying too often to my regular news feed which is filled with the noise of 800 of my closest friends. i’m not sure if removing the app from my phone is necessary.
i have unfollowed all of my fellow twittering friends and celebrities and i will no longer be twittering myself. it’s all redundant anyhow, since all my tweets go straight to facebook, as do most of my friends.
i’ll also probably cut back a few other internetty/smartphone type activities. the bigger goal is to have less screen time. and be more “present” with my kids. it’s easy to pretend to play candyland or do puzzles, while scrolling through my facebook posts, but even though my kids don’t really know now, they will, and it’s not fair to them.

2. eat less. exercise more.
the token new years resolution.
i have been eating everything in sight since my birthday 1.5 months ago.
i have been ginormous in general since my birthday 5 years ago. i was pregnant with ike. he was born. i lost some weight. then i gained it back. then some more. then i had anna. then i lost some of that weight. then gained some back. and here i am. miserable. i figure 5 years of being fat is plenty. so…
i don’t really have a game plan. quit drinking beer. enter my calories into the loseit app. workout.
i will work on a more solid concrete plan tomorrow.
my goal is to lose all fifty (ouch) of the pounds that i’ve put on since becoming pregnant with the first lidkid.

3. be more productive.
keep up the house better.
make more quilts. and other crafts.
make dinners.
that sort of thing.

oh. and blog. with less facebook and twitter, hopefully, i’ll get back to the business of this blog.

4. be better.

be more patient with kids.
and nicer. to the kids and other people.
go to bed earlier.
be happy.

so, there you have it. nothing concrete. just a dump of what’s on my mind, really.
like i said, hopefully, tomorrow i can nail down some solid goals and rules and such to get it done.
i seriouslyseriously hope to not be writing this same thing in 366 (leap year!) days.

4 Replies to “2012.”

  1. Whew! Glad you put “quilts” on the more side!
    Happy 2012!

  2. I’m with you on the “be better” part – especially on the go to bed earlier part, it makes such a difference. And on the weight loss too. January is a good time to get all that stuff started huh? Happy 2012!!

  3. “Spend more time visiting family” could have fit under #1 or #4. I didn’t see it under either.

  4. Fiona Gregory says:

    Slipped over from a ’12 quilts in 12′ post that you won with your delightful ‘Baby Max’ quilt. Have been enjoying a reading through your posts this year. But I must congratulate you (aside from your awesome cake and quilt talents) on this great list of things to do more and less of in 2012. Love that you want to be more generous with your kids and others. I am with you in the weight loss challenge too. I need to lose 8Kg (not sure how many pounds that equates to). Here is my list for 2012. http://findingfifth.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/2012-challenge-to-myself.html
    Love to hear from you. Fiona from Australia.

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