meeting max

Over the weekend, the lid kids and I loaded up and rode to Raleigh to meet max. As expected, he was cute and tiny and wrinkly and very much a brand new baby.

He liked his quilt:

Sarah’s parents stopped in to see us all and met Anna for the first time. We strolled down the street for some snoopy’s hot dogs. I even managed to snap this picture of Isaac “reading” to Anna. (he was actually making up a story while holding a tag from a toy).

It’s funny to think that sarahpowers and I were once lab partners in 8th grade earth science, trying our hardest to get our work done so we could get on with discussing hockey players.

Anyhow, we got out of the new-family-of-three’s hair after a short bit and headed back to Durham to visit some very good old friends, the Minors. I used to work with Tim and went to church with them both. They have a full posse of grand kids now, so their house is super fun and fully stocked with toys and the kids played wonderfully while I had a chance to visit and catch up and talk to adults. 🙂

And then I’ve been missing living in Raleigh ever since.

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