more pictures of random kids.

since we’ve been back from ny, the weather has been glorious, so many park outings have been in order.

picnic lunch with friends.

goofy boys.

laughing girls.

the blackberry thief.

car frame fun.

on another nice day, my pal kristin boone took some pictures of mostly anna. some isaac.

we’ve also played with some play-doh, naturally.

on my friend jude’s 29th *cough-39th-cough* birthday, we went to southern family restaurant (where we were the youngest patrons by about 30 years). then, our posse of kids descended on this ride(?) for many fun photos.

anna is not a huge fan of emerson.

and finally, a picture of a tea party. i’m not sure how anna learned to have tea parties, but she’s a fan.

sorry for the flurry of posts and pictures. i’ve really got to get better at posting more frequently.

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