index card a day… 2.

saw this on my friend paige’s blog and decided to join in the fun.

the idea is that you make an index card every day for the months of june and july. whatever you want. drawings, paintings, stitchings, stickers, lists, notes, etc. and then you post them on flickr (or instagram or your blog or twitter or facebook?) for all the world to see. and it’s fun. i think. i’ll find out.

the info is all here.

this is my first one. day one. my self portrait.
index card of the day (6.1.12)

like what i did there? drew myself ultra skinny. sigh. i can dream.

expect to see them pop up every few days or so on my bloggity blog. 🙂

7 Replies to “index card a day… 2.”

  1. Well, that’s what art’s all about – right – dreams! Fun start!

  2. I like it! It’s colorful and fun and I think it looks just like you. OK, we’ve never actually met and you say you’ve taken a little creative liberty with the drawing there, but how would I know? 😉


  3. Im doing this too. Check my blog to see how. I think I got it form Paige too. I like your drawing. If you want to meet at all this summer with the kiddies to walk/run (more walk) let me know. I want to explore various trails and green ways.

  4. Your first card is wonderful! Enjoy the ICAD challenge!!!

  5. Hello Sarah, you look nice and I like your little robot buddy too. xox

  6. Lookin’ good! I think it should be fun and easy to keep up with. We’ll find out!

  7. hey, adorable card! and that’s called ‘artistic license’ by the way…we can do whatever we want… have fun with it!

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