meeting myrtle beach.

if you are my facebook friend, then you are no doubt aware that we’ve been at the beach for the last week. just in case you’re not, i’ll be posting some pics and stories here. 🙂

on sunday, we woke up. loaded up. and hit the road for myrtle beach. the ride seemed incredibly long. i have no idea why.

we got to the condo. dropped our bags. changed to bathing suits. and headed for the beach…

and got straight to digging.

anna, who is a fan of sand and water, was content to dig and dump and play with sand. and was not interested in the water. at all.

whenever we would get near the water, she would cling tightly to my neck and chant “mama. mama. mama.” repeatedly.

isaac, surprisingly, took right to the water. i actually suspected the roles would be reversed and anna would be the water lover, and isaac would be the whiny water hater. 🙂

the next few days were quite rainy. it’s all quite a blur, actually. during the rainy parts, we went to the outlets. and barefoot landing. and swam in the warm indoor pool.

we were able to go to the beach during one of the sunny moments. and by sunny, i mean overcast and gray, but not rainy.

playing with the ring. and wearing her new bathing suit. 🙂

more fun with the sand.

thinking about testing out his new body board. just thinking. he retreated shortly after this pic and abandoned the body board for the remainder of the trip.

frolicking. in his new suit. (i bought them both new suits, to keep from having to cram them into wet cold suits 3 times a day.)

it’s so much work having two little people at the beach.
getting ready: sunblock. towels. toys. room key :). phones in baggies. snacks.
unpacking at the beach. packing back up when we’re done.
two wet kids. on tile floors. (slippery). lots of sand in bathing suits. straight to the tub. hanging up all the wet clothes to dry (when it’s not raining).

it appears that the rest of the beach pictures are still on my phone, so i’ll conclude this post…. but, never fear, there’s plenty more to come.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip, even without a lot of sunshine! We are heading there later this week – can’t wait. I’m thinking Evan will be the same as Anna, he’s already talking about all the sharks so I don’t think we’ll be spending too much time in the water. Hope you guys are all settled back in and recovered!

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