the week in review…

we had a pretty uneventful week this week.

we started off with memorial day, as did the rest of the country, i suppose. derek made a bucket of guacamole and we headed over to our pals the p-salls for a little cookout.

the buddies.

derek took this picture of his burger, and thanks to apple’s photostream, i can high jack it for my blog. 🙂

on tuesday, we hit up the library, to return some books and get some new awesomer ones. and, of course, to play on the computers. (side note: isaac has no concept of how loud he is with head phones on. he was playing a game that was teaching him to read/spell and would randomly and loudly sound out words for the entire library to hear. 🙂 fun.)

anna and her game.

we did some scootering.

and more popsicle eating.

and a couple of movie nights.

yesterday, we met up with some friends for lunch at mcdonalds (gross, right?) and then some time in the play place. and then some ice cream. 🙂

we had some other playdates. and ike found out who his kindergarten teacher will be next year and we’re happy to report that his little pal from preschool will be in his class. he’s very excited. i also got my giant soul blossom quilt basted (thanks to derek’s mom who let me use an empty tile floor at her school). hopefully i can get that thing checked off my list soon. i’m not even sure i like it anymore.

we have a busy day today of cleaning up around here. mowing. bathing the hammerhead dog. and PACKING!! because tomorrow we head to the beach for a week. hooray!!!
isaac can’t remember ever going (even though he totally should because we had a great time) and anna has never been. and we are in need of a nice quiet family vacation.

i hope to post while we’re there, but you know how that goes….

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  1. Looks like your life is full of fun! Have fun at the beach, while I have four more days with students!

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