scrappy granny.

whenever i think “scrappy granny”, i picture a little old lady, with a cane and a purse, who gets in fights on the street.

i finished my scrappy granny squares quilt.
scrappy granny square quilt

that is, my first scrappy granny squares quilt. because i still have enough 2.5 inch squares to make 28 more granny squares.
scrappy granny square quilt.

i picked up this awesome tula pink fabric from the little general for my backing:
back of scrappy granny square quilt.

i free motion quilted it with a meandery squiggle type pattern. i <3 crinkles. scrappy granny square quilt

obligatory folded up shot. i bound it in gray for two reasons. a) i had just enough gray to make the binding and b) i thought there was enough color in the grannies. oh. and c) money…
granny square quilt folded.

i wasn’t sure who this quilt would be for when i started. well, that’s a lie. i thought it would be for me because it was originally going to be huge (48 squares). then, i decided to make two smaller quilts. and i figured anna was ready for a quilt bigger than a baby quilt. so, it’s all hers.

and she loves it.
at first she just crawled/rolled around all over it, like a cat getting ready to curl into a ball.

then, she rustled up her yo gabba gabba gang and had a tea party.



so, that’s that.
scrappy granny square quilt.

oh. and it’s 52″ by 62″ for those that are interested in such things.

5 Replies to “scrappy granny.”

  1. Love it! And love a good tea party!

  2. Rachel P. says:

    I have a scrappy granny. Once, while on a trip to Greece, a gypsy lady tried to steal her purse. She held on to her purse and succeeded in pushing down the woman and calling her a bad name. She was about 65 at the time.

    Also, I like the quilt.

  3. So lovely! The gray is perfect with all those colors! I may have to add this to my list!

  4. I love the colors! Seriously. So bright and cheerful!!! Now I know what to do with my growing pile of scraps!

  5. This turned out so great! I love it on the grey. Your little tea party pics are so adorable too. Don’t you just love it when they quilts are used right away?! Thanks for linking up to my hallway post this month!

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