super playdate mania

ever since the chickens have arrived, we’ve had a lot of playdates. who would have thought some fuzzy little poultry could make us so popular. 🙂 (disclaimer: it’s not that the people who have come over only like us for our chickens. they come over all the time. just not so many in a row. that’s where the fuzzychickeneffect comes in.)

today, my friend melysa came to play with her boys and later, jessica joined us with her dynamic duo. (um. she also brought a bounce house.  awesome.)

we decided it was warm enough for the chickens to check out the great outdoors for the first time in their little week old lives.

grae and daniel LOVED the chicks.

daniel especially.

anna preferred to see with her eyes, not with her hands.

at first lucy was out with us, because i want to get her used to the chickens in a friendly way that doesn’t involved eating them. when one fluttered up with her brand new feathery wings, lucy pounced and had the chick in her mouth for a nano-second before i had her by the collar dragging her into the house. the chicken survived the ordeal and is probably telling all of his chicken friends about the harrowing adventure.

graelyn was good at holding the chicks. i probably could have taken a better picture. i think she’s mid blink.

after the chicken excitement, we had lunch, and naturally, freezie pops…



ian and anna.




little kids are terrible with freezie pops. i don’t know why the concept of pushing them up from the bottom is so hard to grasp.

then, we thought it would be a good idea to bust out the sprinkler. grae loved it. jessica, too, from the looks of it.

parker and ike are not really the sprinkler types, so they just hit up the bounce house.

grae frolicked happily.

we tried for a group pic at the end, but failed. miserably.

it was a super fun day. 🙂

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  1. Love the expressions in the last picture! LOL!

  2. Such a typical group kid shot. My friend takes a giant group shot at her daughter’s bday party every August and she’s crying or near tears in. every. one. It’s hilarious. I told you that you’d be playdate central with those babies around!

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