so, awhile back, i posted about winning a sweet giveaway. well, after a bit of craziness*, the cool dress has arrived…

and anna looks really cute in it.






*something happened in the shipment, and it never came. i waited a week or so, then emailed the giver-awayer and she promptly made and sent out another. it was way too generous, especially considering i won the dress. so, if you want a sweet dress like anna’s, go here and buy one. 🙂

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  1. So cute! And just think when she out grows it you can put the fabric in a quilt!

  2. its a little heavier than quilting weight cotton. plus, i could never bring myself to chop it up. my friend allison (you met her at kg’s) has a sweet girl that i hand all of anna’s stuff down to… and she’s got her eye on it. 🙂

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