a zipper pouch christmas.

i made a zipper pouch for derek’s mom for christmas.
we exchanged gifts with his family earlier today.
so, now i can post pics here.

without further ado:

zipper pouch.

found the totally perfect chick text print while in the mountains last weekend. didn’t notice until i started working on the pouch that the fabric also had a bunch of scripture worked in.

zipper pouch

i used some denyse schmidt flea market fancy for this sucker. derek actually helped pick that out. i was heading towards oranges and browns. i was way off.

for the lining, he picked this paris france print that i am pretty sure was from the joann’s remnant bin.
zipper pouch lining

and. a closeup of the quilting and the baby chicks list:
up close quilting and baby chick fabric.  :)

and finally. the bottom. with a baby chick pic.
the bottom...

i am pretty sure she was quite happy with it.
on tuesday, i get to give my other zippy pouch to my swap partner at my triad modern quilt guild meet. can’t wait!

3 Replies to “a zipper pouch christmas.”

  1. love it.
    and be careful, there have been a lot of break ins where the thieves are ONLY stealing zipper pouches… just sayin’ 😉

  2. LOVE it! That chicks print is adorable…I hope you bought a couple yards. Perfect lining, too. Derek has a good eye for these things. 🙂

  3. Sarah is right! I am VERY happy with it! Great colors, fabric, thoughtful selections. I think Derek put in the Paris print to remind me of our family’s adventures there. The chicks are special, too. I love it!

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