christmas cookie elves.

last weekend, i gathered up mountains of flour and butter and sugar and chocolate and sprinkles and went to work baking cookies with (and mostly without) the lid kid elves.

i started out making cutout sugar cookie dough. anna was quite helpful (she just ate sugar, mostly). isaac was not interested.

they proved to be the most helpful with the 7 layer magic cookie bars. anna with the careful distribution of each of the layers…

and isaac with the smashing of pecans…

spreading the delicious sweetened condensed milk.

and coconut.

and, my pictures are out of order.

photo op.

after i spent the rest of the day making zillions of other cookies, we finally got to the cutting out part of the cutout sugar cookies…

i tried to keep my patience with their horrific use of space when cutting out each shape. they have an uncanny ability to leave exactly enough space between cookies to make sure you can’t fit in any other shape. even the candy cane!

and then, the final step. icing. and sprinkles. so so so many sprinkles.

more than a dozen times, a half a jar or sprinkles or more was generously applied to just one cookie. i tried to recover some of the abundance, but mostly just resigned to having to restock my sprinkle supply in the future.

cute baker.

more sprinkle application.


so, that’s that. we have a billion cookies to give away. i’ve been handing them out left and right. we took some to the ladies at the gym that run the childcare yesterday, except when i got there, it was a bunch of new people that i didn’t recognize. so, i’ll try again today and hope that the regulars are back. anyhow. that’s the tale of the christmas cookies of twentytwelve.

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