i just went back and read my 2012 “resolutions”.
like most people, i lasted a few solid months (weeks?) and then fell off the resolution wagon. i kept a few. we got rid of cable/direct tv, so i didn’t watch as much mindless tv. i never went back to twitter and i don’t miss it. i quilted more. and blogged more. and played with the kids more. i worked out consistently at the start and at the end of the year. the middle? not so much.

so, you know, since it’s january 1st, 2013, i suppose it’s time to give it another go.

1. i’m pretty much quitting facebook.
i have set it up so i receive an email if anyone writes on my wall or messages me. i know we are stuck with social media and it’s how people get in touch with each other. but, that’s all i want. the ability to stay in touch. what i don’t want is to worry about all the things that other people have to say about everything. guns. elections. sports. christians. gay marriage. and so on. and so forth.

also, i’ve seen this little quote all over pinterest:
(Image is now gone)


i hate that everyone (myself included) only puts their highlights on facebook. we create this false representation of what our life is all about. and then other people (myself included) look at it and, at best, roll their eyes. or feel insecure. or feel left out of things. whatever. i don’t want to have those feelings. so, i’ll avoid it. it will probably make me like people more.

2. lose 35 pounds.
last year, i was vague. workout more. eat less. etcetera. i had moderate success to start the year. then, i pretty much took off from march until october. and then i made a plan and i was doing great. but the holidays are a little tough to stay on track. i did kind of okay until this past week. i sent 2012 out with a bang. i just kept eating. i’m nervous to get on the scale. anyhooooo… the plan:
use lose it app, set to lose two pounds per week, to track calories.
workout five (or six) days a week.
lift weights for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.
cardio for 30-60 minutes every day.
hopefully, now that there will not be a holiday related event (feast) every other day, i will have better success. 🙂
i will allow myself one non-diet meal per week. lest i lose my mind.

3ish… i have other miscellaneous things floating in my head.
i really want to get our family more organized. structured? on a routine? bedtimes. lunch packing. dinner planning. and so on.
i’d like to find a budget that works for us and stick to it. and pay off all debt that isn’t a mortgage payment.
i am going to purge this house of clutter and crap. seriously. i’m going to overload craigslist. we have too much stuff. not like hoarding levels. but, i’m the exact opposite of a hoarder, so for me, it’s overwhelming.

oh. 4. get good at free motion quilting.
i’ve pretty much stuck to straightish line quilting. i do like the way it looks. and it’s a good fall back. whenever i’ve finished a quilt top, the last thing i want to do is wreck it all up with my horrific free motion quilting. and it’s hard to find time to just practice. when i get moments to sew, i want it to be the real thing and not practice. but, i will try to make some time to practice. and learn something besides the old meander standby.

so, that’s that. here we go.